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Private parties, bespoke events, faultless service.

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We organise unforgettable, beautifully-executed parties and events, with meticulous planning, faultless service, stylish food and drink and magical entertainment. To do this successfully, we use our reassuring experience, coupled with imagination and a touch of stardust. If you have a party to plan, you've come to the right place. Welcome to Randolphs Bespoke Party Planning.





Private parties






Private dinners, canapés for hundreds, exotically-themed birthday parties, Christmas with a twist, barbecues in the park, openings, launches or private views... whatever your party, our mission is to bring it successfully to life.




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Bespoke events






If you're entertaining VIP clients or organising a bespoke event, you need a partner you can trust to manage a smooth-running, hassle-free and inspirational event. We have the experience, the contacts and the discreet, high-calibre staff to create an event that is precisely tailored to your aims and objectives.

Private parties, bespoke events, faultless service

Welcome to Randolphs Bespoke Party Planning.


We tailor-make unforgettable parties that are precisely what you want them to be.


Our service takes care of every aspect, from initial concepts right through to the end of the event, ensuring that everything runs as seamlessly as clockwork, the host can relax and the guests have a wonderful time.


What do we believe? That great parties are made through a combination of imagination, experience, faultless service and attention to detail. Whatever size the party, whatever the occasion, whatever the style – cool or classic – we stop at nothing to ensure it's perfect.


Our private clients include international royal families, private individuals and family offices looking to celebrate a special occasion, possibly with a theme and West End-standard performers and production.


Businesses for which we have organised many parties and events include luxury retailers, private banks and charitable organisations – often headed up by our private clients.





What makes us different?

Service ethic. We believe faultless service is the basis of every great party or event.


Experience. Our extensive and varied experience as event organisers enables us to guide your requirements, whether they be a party butler and chef for a small private or bespoke dinner party, or hiring a full team of staff, venue, catering and entertainment for a huge celebration.


Flexibility. We adapt our professional service to any size or shape of event, we are completely unflappable and we strongly believe that nothing is impossible.


Imagination. There is lots of fun stuff we can do to make your party different. A touch of theatre can add magic to your party – and every party needs an element that makes it unforgettable.


Discretion. Many of our clients lead high-profile international lives. You can trust us to keep everything private.


Passion. We love parties.





Our founder & inspiration

Steven Randolph is a former royal butler who also worked at the British Embassy in Paris for three years. Here he would routinely be involved in organising anything from a private head of state lunch for two, to an investiture or black-tie dinner for 250, to a garden party with all the frills for up to 2,500 people.


It was this ability to change gear, remaining thoroughly professional and unflappable, that created the blueprint for Randolphs Bespoke Party Planning.


Guiding a party host, both prior to and during an event, is a crucial requirement for an event manager. It ensures the smooth-running of the party, and allows the host to be the host. Through Steven's experience and expertise, which permeates everything we do, you will find Randolphs to be the perfect, most reliable partner.



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Private chefs & catering






Randolphs offers bespoke catering of the highest standard, with traditional or contemporary menus prepared by our own head chef or by one of our team of exceptional chefs. We can arrange a private chef with Michelin-star experience for you, who can offer a wide variety of cooking styles and menus; or you could even hire a famous celebrity chef.







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